Saturday, 2 June 2012

A worrying discovery

My Uncle has three hives on his land which another beekeeper looks after, it sounded as though they had all absconded without any warning so while we were visiting family we thought we would have a look inside and see what was happening. (If there were in fact any bees inside - while trying not to tread on someone elses toes)

Hive No 1:

This hive was completely empty except for a few spiders, due to the fact spiders have many legs and this one was carrying an egg sack we did not delve further. We had enough information to know that this hive was empty of bees.

Hive No 2:

This hive was a worry on opening it. There were plenty of bees, after further discussion it seems that a passing swarm has taken inhabitant of it, although we have no idea how long they have been there. The hive itself was dirty with black mud like substance on the bottom. The frames were dark and discoloured and the hive smelt strongly of booze. What looked like chalk brood was in there however we have no idea if this has been there for a while.

After leaving and going through the pictures we can see what looks like brood however it is dark and discoloured and in unusual malformed shapes . Unfortunately the zoom works better on the camera than the computer.

We got half way through inspecting these bees before they started to get agitated and we closed up. We haven't seen all the hive but enough to make us worried.

Hive No 3:

This hive was also completely empty except for moths, We tried to take out a frame however they were glued together by what appears to be wax moth.

After much discussion and not being that experienced we have decided to forward on what pictures we have to our bee inspector who we will hopefully be seeing this weekend anyway to get a more informed idea of what we have seen.

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