Sunday, 17 June 2012

Outing into Central London

Today we went to have a look at an Apairy in central London. We managed to look through 5 different hives all with their own thing happening.

One was incredibly healthy with 3 supers full of lovely honey and lots of brood.

Another had 12 Queen cells which were all being carefully managed by the beekeeper due to the Queen absconding. A frame from another hive had been added so that the bees could make another Queen.

The last hive we checked were evil, although they were happy to leave us alone while inspecting the others once we opened the hive it felt and sounded like hail with them all flying at us. Even after we had closed them up they followed us halfway back to the building (a good trek away) This was the only hive which didn't have any supers on it and were not very strong. It seems that this is a good thing.

Below are a few pictures taken throughout our trip:

The bees are suspending a nice chunk of comb in mid air, fascinating, not sure what they are planning to do with it but lovely to see them working together.

Plenty of bees with sealed brood visible in this picture and the one below.

I think my clothes need a good few washes due to the last hive I must have blown smoke everywhere trying to keep them away as much as possible.

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