Saturday, 19 May 2012

Where is our Queen?

Guilty over our lack of attention we are now resolved to look after the bees.

Armed with our bee kit we head over, hoping there won't be a round three swarm. The weather this week has been raining and hailing and today is overcast. We decide to do a quick check and to give some varroa treatment.

The Queen cell which was left last week is still there and capped so there has been no movement there. We can't see the Queen anywhere and there are still no eggs. The hope is now that the weather has been so horrible that she hasn't managed to get out for her maiden flight and will either do it today or as soon as the weather is better.

We have a large number of drone cells and even catch some emerging. There is no concern with regards to the number of bees and there are still plenty of workers.

The oxalic acid is applied and a super put on. but the one question that remains is: Where is our Queen!

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