Sunday, 13 May 2012

The swarm part 2

After the excitement of the swarm yesterday we regrouped and decide that we are going to open the hive and squish all the queen cells apart from one in the hope to avoid another swarm.

Armed with all our bee keeping kit and books for reassurance we return to the scene of the crime.

There is another swarm!

This time it is in the tree in my sister-in-laws garden. Thankfully it is not in a neighbours. Again we call BBKA Swarm Collector and this time Karin comes to our rescue.

There looks to be two casts near each other in the tree, throughout the day these move to one large swarm however we do not find out if it is one or two casts.

Using very sophisticated  box system Karin and Richard (Husband) manage to get the swarm down and safely secured in the box.

Disaster part two temporarily avoided although I did get stung for the first time. It didn't hurt but it does sting. Funny that!

In the meantime we check out the hive and can see 11 sealed Queen cells, no eggs or larvae and as far as we can see there is no Queen, virgin or otherwise.

All but one Queen cell is squished and now we wait and see what happens.

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