Sunday, 15 June 2014

We have bees! ....... Part 2

Unfortunately since I last posted we lost our bees. It was a long drawn out winter and as the cold weather continued the bees were dying but the queen wasn't laying so they slowly reduced in size until they could no longer keep warm.

We were due to move down south and had another addition to the family (Lachlan, our little drone) so decided getting bees last season (2013) was probably the wrong thing to do.

Lachlan Georg, 04/10/2013

However 2014 is a new year and a new season. We were offered bees from a friend of a friend and this morning they were delivered. They aren't a swarm but a colony which has grown too large so they have been split up. A very full box of buzzing bees was dropped off.

Temporary brood box

I moved the hive off the stand and put the box in its place and opened the entrance so they can come and go as they wish. 

Bees venturing outside after being cooped up overnight

Additional frames have been ordered and in a few days will go back to transfer them to their permanent home. 


  1. I lost my bees as well! It was very tough for me as a new bee keeper but that is so exciting about your new colony!

  2. Thank you, We are hoping to get them strong for the winter, should have plenty of time. Sorry about your bees. the last couple of winters have been very cold and caused lots of confusion amongst the bees not just with us but with other bee keepers I know too.